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Social media marketing manager needed for an e-commerce store

  • Job typeJob type : Remote
  • Job DurationMore than 06 months
  • Project LevelMedium Level
  • Project deadlineDecember 31, 2020

Project detail

A Successful candidate will:
1) create, manage and optimize Facebook ad campaigns do drive converting traffic to our Shopify dropshipping store
2) create and optimize SEO for for the website and manage a google ad words account.
3) reach out to engaged Instagram influencers in our specific niche and market our products through them.
4) upload regular content onto our social media platforms, and engage with our followers.
5) report progress, challenges and what support is needed from us to provide content.
6) recommend changes/services we should make/hire in order to create profitable business.

We are looking for someone interested to work part time ( an hour or two a day)  at a monthly rate to cover the full scope of work.

An experienced individual with a proven track record is required. We would like to view a portfolio of your previous work.

References would be a benefit.

Industry Categories

Languages required

Freelancer type required for this project

Project Completion deadline

December 31, 2020